Klaudia Kowalczyk

Marketing Manager
Carefleet S.A.

The 8th edition of Fleet Market is approaching fast. Thanks to unique formula and perfect organization, Fleet Market has become one of the most important dates in the calendar of Polish automotive and business events. It is not only excellent space to present one’s offer to prospective clients but also an opportunity to further develop and intensify relations with business partners as well as to exchange experience with industry representatives.

Carefleet S.A. have actively participated in Fleet Market for couple of years and we eagerly recommend taking part in this event as exhibitors to all entrepreneurs who would like to fulfill both the sales and company image goals. Fleet Market is an event truly worth taking part in.


Anna Wiśniewska

Head of Business Development and Commercial Support
LeasePlan Fleet Management Polska

Fleet Market has become a tradition for us – a red page in the calendar of events. We have been participating in the fairs for many years as an exhibitor but also as an interested participant of the market that closely observes and quickly reacts to any changes and trends setting direction of development in the industry.

This yearly meeting is a fantastic platform to exchange experiences and opinions, where we can talk about perspectives of Polish and European market. It is during the Fleet Market that we can sit together with industry representatives or dealers who show their novelties. This is very often the only chance we get to meet them.

As the leader of CFM market, we appreciate a lot face-to-face contact with Clients that is possible during the fairs. These meetings give us opportunities to present our offer, to answer inquiries and needs. This is asset that is truly priceless. That is why, we recommend Fleet Market as an excellent place for business contacts. And we would also like to invite everyone to meet us during this year edition.


Małgorzata Wojtuszko

Marketing Manager
Arval Polska (grupa BNP Paribas)

In Arval, we manage a fleet of 18 000 cars for our 800 Clients. That means we have to know the fleet market perfectly. So being present at Fleet Market is an important and compulsory date in our calendar of events.

For Arval representatives, Fleet Market is an opportunity to make new business contacts but also to refresh the ones we already have. Face-to-face conversations with clients and partners are priceless. For these who still do not know us, we offer ‘customer experience’ which allows you to personally check what it feels like to be Arval’s client, to meet people you may co-operate with and to find out what services and tools you could use. It is a chance to get to know and remember Arval’s offer and possibly use it now or in the future.

Participating in the fairs gives fantastic opportunity to remind current offer or introduce a new one. Face-to face contact with prospective clients gives opportunity to answer any questions and emphasize all the benefits of the offer. On the other hand, the knowledge we gather during such events is, for Arval, a base for the future. It helps to constantly improve our offer to tailor it to the needs of the market. Regular industry fairs are opportunity to meet clients, partners and other representatives of the market face-to-face. It is also a chance to exchange experiences, views and opinions. That is why, it is always worth to participate in such events.



Managing Directorr
Bowkett Auto Consulting Ltd (BAC)

Fleet Market has become the most important automotive fleet and trade fair in Poland but it is already so much more than that.As someone who has spent his life working in the international automotive arena and seeing some very professional conferences and exhibitions there is no doubt in my mind that Fleet Market is now a must attend event. Fleet Market is not just for anyone involved in the fleet or wider automotive sector in Poland but for anyone who wishes to understand how rapidly the European automotive industry is changing.

In 2019 Poland is set to become Europe’s sixth largest car market and it already plays an important role in the import and export of used cars across mainland Europe. Fleet Market enables you to network and build bridges with key contacts at all levels and provides a unique trade fair approach combined with a conference of key industry professionals.



Senior Advisorr
OMOOVE firma OCTO Telematics S.p.A.

OMOOVE (an OCTO company) had opportunity to be on Fleet Market first time. We could confirm that this type of event is largest fleet event from all East european countries. There was perfect organisation + experiences from last years and this was the reason why came so many visitors from automotive industry. It was a pleasure for us to present proffesionals our new innovative solutions. We are operating on all continents and we note Fleet Market in our calendar for year 2018.


Michał Chudzik

Sales and Marketing Director
Alphabet Polska Fleet Management

Fleet Market is no doubt the biggest event of the year in fleet industry. It is a place where cars and fleet products have their premiers, and where importers and service providers gather and have opportunity to exchange experiences in one place.

Alphabet Polska participates actively every year in this extraordinary event and we cannot imagine that we would not be there in the future.



Dyrektor Sprzedaży Zbiorowej i Specjalnej Renault Polska

Fleet Market is an opportunity to present our varied product offer concerning both cars and services to corporate client. It is also opportunity to meet our clients as well as prospective ones and to persuade them to try our offer. It a place everyone has to be.


Mirosław Sochacki

Corporate Sales Manager
Toyota Motor Poland

I strongly recommend participating and visiting Fleet Market. It is a place where new models have their fleet premiers and automotive concerns present their offers for companies.

Among people visiting, there are a lot of representatives of automotive industry and, what we especially appreciate, many fleet clients. The participation is higher and higher each year and we hope that this year it will break yet another record.

Come and visit Toyota and Lexus stands!



Fleet Sales Manager
Hyundai Motor Poland

We have been participating in Fleet Market for many years and we have noticed that every year the fairs are more professionally organized and exhibitors are better taken care of.

Today Fleet Market is the biggest automotive event in Warsaw. Couple years ago, the fairs were only industry related; today, huge crowds of people visit them and they are not necessarily connected to fleet management. For Hyundai, it is excellent opportunity to present our novelties and financial products.

This year we are going to be there as well.



Fleet Sales Manager
Volvo Car Poland

We, Volvo Car Poland have been participating in Fleet Market since the very beginning. It is a great opportunity for us to show our new products but also to get to know the offers of our competitors, all gathered in one place.

The fairs are fantastic venue to meet our fleet Clients and CFM colleagues and to further develop our co-operation, as well as to connect with potential buyers of our cars. It is also a place where fleet industry people meet and even though we have known each other for years, it is worth to sit together and exchange ideas about issues that connect us despite us being competitors. With relaxed fairs’ atmosphere it is somewhat easier.

Here and there we can see something new, ask if ideas came off and maybe consider using this kind of solution on the home turf. Yes, definitely, participating in Fleet Market is a fantastic experience for companies and people who are actively involved in fleet management.

Natasza Jarońska_Ignatiuk

Natasza Jarońska-Ignatiuk

President of Association
of Car Fleet Managers

Fleet Market is a must in the diary of every Fleet Manager. It is an excellent place to get to know current offer of every make, see first presentations of new models. Fleet Market creates opportunities to make new contacts, but most of all it gives chance to tighten relations with current business partners. The fairs are also excellent opportunity to observe market novelties in fleet services.

A very interesting choice of lectures given during the fairs is a cause of serious dilemmas – should we got to a workshop, or should we stay in the exhibition hall waiting for next planned event on the agenda. Anyway we do not have any dilemma whether to visit Fleet Market or not. Definitely yes!

Lukasz Kaminski luckas.kaminski@gmail.com +48 509 241 665

Andrzej Sugajski

Executive Director
Polish Leasing Association

For a couple of years, Polish Leasing Association, an organization representing Polish leasing sector, has been supporting Fleet Market, an event organized by Fleet magazine publishers.

The reasons for this co-operation seem obvious for us: PLA associates companies which finance investment and consumer goods by providing financing in such forms as financial and operational leasing, as well as long-term rental for companies and individual clients. Passenger and delivery cars, which premiered during Fleet Market, have had very big influence on development of leasing market in Poland. Information exchange and intensification of relations with business partners is another aspect of co-operation. For experts of Polish Leasing Association, which is an organization for employers, also possibility to participate in discussion panels is very important. We observe as well that this part of the Fairs has been more and more popular each year even though it is extremely difficult to compete with automotive premieres and the shows surrounding them.


Elżbieta Moczulska – Dobrosz

Administration and Logistics Manager SAS Institute

We have participated in Fleet Market since the beginning. This year we are going to be there as well. We especially recommend this event because of:

– it is excellent opportunity to get to know the newest automotive market offer,

– the industry has been developing quickly and these kind of meetings are great chance for fleet managers to be introduced to all novelties,

– the fact that representatives of leading automotive producers are gathered in one place and therefore market information obtained is really complex is an undeniable advantage of such meetings,

– such meeting allow for ideas and information exchange as well as making contacts. Face-to-face contact with business partners is priceless.

So, see you at Fleet Market!

Anna Woch3

Anna Woch

Office Services Manager
Takeda Polska

Fleet Market is a very special place for me, and every year I try to include this event into my calendar. Exceptionally well prepared fairs agenda gives opportunity to get to know all the elements of the meeting starting from car premieres, producers stalls fleet market services, and professional discussion panels concerning the most important issues connected with renting and leasing cars.

Fairs’ excellent atmosphere facilitates intensifying co-operation and making new contacts.

One cannot miss Fleet Market – this is the place where we can exchange experiences and be introduced to most interesting solutions and newest regulations.


Przemysław Jonak

Office Manager
Central & Eastern Europe
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH/ Subsidiary in Poland

In my opinion Fleet Market is the best event of this kind in the fleet calendar. It is the only place where, at the same time, we can meet automotive industry leaders fleet managers as well as car enthusiasts.

This particular way of Fairs organization allows obtaining complete and thorough information. It is an excellent place to compare offers, dialogue and exchange of opinions. New people to the industry can establish first contacts with prospective clients, and for the frequenters, Fairs are an opportunity to refresh contacts during face-to-face meetings.

I am very pleased with the fact that during last year’s edition of Fleet Market, Panasonic had chance to make many new contacts. Including one which resulted in signing a very important contract with one of the premium brands. I can’t wait for this year’s Fairs, where I hope to see novelties and car premieres as well as up to date offer of fleet products and services.


Krzysztof Kopysiewicz

Car Fleet Manager
APC Instytut

I have always been at Fleet Market – since the first edition, and I cannot imagine not coming here. It is a meeting of whole fleet trade where we can sum up passing year and get to know what is coming in the next one. Everyone is there (and if not they should!) – the ones who want to exist on the market as well as their clients.

Here, we can witness new models premieres. Every year, there are more and more of them. I especially enjoy the professional shows that surround these premieres.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk to other fleet management representatives about our work and to share our opinions about the offer presented at the Fairs.



Combat 56

We just have to be here.

Because of the car premieres, automotive industry novelties and most of all atmosphere of this event and people who attend it.


Mirosław Madejski

Sourcing Manager

I strongly recommend taking part in Fleet Market. It gives opportunity to get to know and to compare offers of car manufacturers as well as car industry related product and service providers. Discussion panels are added value. Practical knowledge of the lecturers helps to verify previous ways of fleet management and gives ideas how to optimally fit them to company’s profile. Also the way the Fairs are organized and fantastic atmosphere there are worth mentioning.

It is also superb opportunity to talk to co-operators in more relaxed circumstances and also a chance to build network of new contacts.

It is definitely worth it to put it into our diaries.


Michał Miszewski

Fleet Expert

Fleet Market is the most important event on Polish market. Most importantly, it is the biggest event designated only for the people from the industry.

A place where fleet client is the number one, not only one of many parts of an event.

It is also opportunity to make valuable, business contacts, to meet friends, watch new products’ premieres as well as to learn new things during educational panels.

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