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Idea behind Fleet Market 2019

One day, one venue – everything you need to buy a fleet vehicle


Fleet Market is a one-day event attracting representatives of 10,000 businesses across Poland. The event is attended both by SMEs and by large international corporations.

Auto importers will present a total of close to 200 newest car models available on the market. Fair exhibitors will also include leasing and lending companies, as well as businesses offering fleet management products and services and practical legal and tax solutions. Among other participants will be insurance companies, fuel companies, repair and tyre service chains and IT and modern technology providers.

Fleet Market visitors will have access to discussion panels and expert advice regarding tax law, labour law, as well as to specialists in the area of fleet vehicle purchases, fleet depreciation, operation and re-sale.

Fleet Market is an event closed to the public and is dedicated exclusively for the representatives of companies which are existing or potential purchasers of fleet vehicles, fleet products and fleet services.

11th  Edition of the National Automotive and Business Trade Fair

Facts and Figures

  • 12 000 m² of exhibition space
  • 1 exhibition hall for exhibitors and visitors
  • 10,000 representatives of businesses across Poland each year
  • almost 150 exhibitors each year (car importers and companies of leasing, insurance and service companies)
  • 200 newest car models
  • 18 car premiers


  • present new offer and promote products and services
  • establish direct contact with prospective clients
  • intensify contacts with current business partners
  • get to know other companies’ offers
  • launch new products to the market
  • experience exchange with industry representatives
  • build company image
  • promote the company in the media (including press and television)

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Fleet Market Exhibitors

    Representatives of the following sectors are invited as exhibitors:
  • automotive importers
  • financial and leasing institutions, CFM companies
  • insurance companies
  • providers of fleet products and services (IT, GPS and telematics companies)
  • independent repair service chains, spare parts distributors
  • fuel companies
  • tyre companies
  • organisations and associations

Fleet Market offers to the Exhibitors:

  • presentation of their business offer
  • direct contact with clients
  • possibility of presenting new products
  • automotive premieres
  • media promotion (press, radio, TV, internet, social media)


Fleet Market Participants

Fleet Market will be attended by close to 10,000 visitors, including:

  • representatives of small and medium-sized companies (service companies, trade companies, lawyers, notaries, architects, free professions, food producers and processors, construction companies, etc.)
  • fleet managers responsible for large vehicle fleets
  • administrative directors
  • financial directors
  • business owners
  • insurance brokers
  • logistics managers
  • representatives of national media
  • representatives of central and local government
  • honorary guests

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FLEET MARKET organizer

The exclusive organiser of Fleet Market is Fleet Meetings Sp. z o.o. – publisher of FLEET Magazine, Fleet Contact, Fleet – Samochody Użytkowe, Fleet – Napędy Alternatywne, www.fleetmarket.pl; www.fleet.com.pl; www.napedyalternatywne.pl

A company established in Wrocław in 2009. The company deals in the automotive and fleet business and broadly understood fleet management. Through powerful activities, Fleet Meetings provide the latest knowledge, inspiration and information on fleet management and explain new trends and ideas, both through publishing and using events. As part of its business, the company organises professional training sessions and business meetings.

Fleet Meetings Portfiolio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFYffPeb38M


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